Nancy Oglesby

Career Prosecutor

As a career prosecutor, Nancy has handled thousands of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault cases in her career.  In addition, she has trained many professionals including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, advocates, medical professionals and forensic interviewers on the issues surrounding these types of crimes.  She has had the opportunity to be appointed to state committees and task forces in these areas by three Virginia Governors.  She also contributed to the development of Virginia’s Model Law Enforcement Policy in both the areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  

Nancy was given the Virginia S. Duvall Distinguished Juvenile and Domestic Court Prosecutor award for 2011.  She was also recognized in 2012 as the Outstanding Woman of the Year in the area of Law and Government by the Richmond YWCA.  

Nancy is married and has two daughters, Mackenzie and Berkeley.

Professional Experience

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, Henrico County, VA (2012-2016)
Adjunct Professor, T.C. Williams School of Law (2006-2013; 2016-present)
Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, Goochland County, VA (2005-2011)
Senior Capital Defender, Central Virginia Region (2004)
Asst./Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, Chesterfield County, VA (1997-2003)



Admitted to Virginia State Bar, 1996
J.D., T.C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond, 1996
B.A., Political Science, Furman University, 1992



  • “The student feedback is extremely positive, the most frequent comment being that no one should investigate or prosecute a rape case without taking this class.

    Jane Sherman Chambers
  • “They’ve proven masterful in reaching individual detectives and prosecutors so that these new methods are not only understood, but appreciated for their superiority in every aspect of the case.”

    Roger A. Canaff
  • “The collaboration of Mike Milnor and Nancy Oglesby on Justice 3D is among the most positive developments in special victims prosecution I’ve seen after an almost 20 year career as a prosecutor, consultant and trainer.”

    Roger A. Canaff
  • “Based on my experience working with Nancy and Mike over the years, I know that Nancy and Mike can teach your team how to work together effectively to create a safer and healthier community.”

    Jane Sherman Chambers
  • As someone who has been in full time legal practice with a prosecutor’s office for less than a year, I found this track tremendously valuable. Special props to Nancy Oglesby, her domestic violence workshop was superb.

  • I will be making changes in policies and our procedures after this course. We were provided with great resources (such as Themes from Mike Milnor, etc.)

  • Fantastic course! All the presenters were clear, knowledgeable and well spoken.

  • Mike Milnor gave a great perspective from career law enforcement.

  • I will take what I have learned back and share it to improve victim services and investigations in my agency.

  • The fact that the program is victim centered was especially helpful. It helps those of us who have lost a little focus to get re-centered and re-energized.

  • This is a very informative program. I have always been intimidated by sexual assault cases, and in the past have looked for ways to avoid prosecuting them, even thought I didn’t realize that was what I was doing at the time. I now feel much better prepared to aggressively prosecute these cases and am so glad to know the proper responses to all defenses that come up in these cases.

  • I am energized as a result of the training and the information I have received and feel that I will be more effective in my job.

  • This is an OUTSTANDING training on an extremely difficult topic. The instructors were exceptional and provided an outstanding learning experience.

  • I feel more prepared to investigate sexual assault cases now, especially when dealing with victims. This training should be required for all law enforcement.