Sexual Assault or Harassment in any workplace negatively affects productivity and teamwork, not to mention being destructive and simply wrong.

Of course, the workplaces of law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates and allied professionals are no different. But the work of responding to violent crime (and in particular special victim cases) presents unique challenges in the area of sexual harassment. There remains a culture of hyper-masculinity in law enforcement, and at times gender roles seem more strictly applied (for instance, female prosecutors and detectives may be unfairly seen as more suitable to handle child sexual abuse cases, but less suitable to handle homicide cases). Advocates, who bring a crucial service to the cause of justice in sexual assault cases, are usually but not exclusively female and sometimes come from backgrounds with more progressive views of gender roles. Medical professionals, such as forensic nurse, bring their own norms, stereotypes and culture to our justice teams as well.

Justice3D provides training on sexual harassment, covering all of the core concepts but tailored specifically to individuals who either work within or manage criminal justice and related agencies.

Our training focuses on the avoidance of a hostile workplace as well as quid pro quo and other forms of individually perpetrated acts of harassment and unacceptable behavior.

We train specifically on how law enforcement and allied professionals can act to prevent these situations, and also how best to react when problematic behavior is seen. We also train managers, whether department executives, supervisors, directors or other leaders, on how to deal with the potential effects of sexual harassment, and how to best interact with employees both experiencing sexual harassment and being accused of it.

The core philosophy of Justice3D’s approach is an overriding focus on the treatment of everyone within the scope of employment with dignity and respect. Within the law enforcement response, this concept applies not only within the station house, the office or the clinic, but also anywhere we meet the public, whether as victims, witnesses, suspects or concerned parties. Oftentimes, we encounter individuals during the most traumatic and trying times of their lives. Our commitment to dignity and respect amongst each other as professionals, and to the public we serve, is all the more important to ensure justice is done and lives are repaired.

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  • Justice 3D has created a team of trainers and quality trainings that stand out in this field. The timing for such a group could not be better as Criminal Justice professionals across the nation struggle at times to investigate and successfully prosecute sexual assault, domestic violence, child and elder abuse, and interpersonal crimes that occur on our college and university campuses.  The combination of real life experiences of Police Chief Mike Milnor and Prosecutors Nancy Oglesby and Roger Canaff now provide training opportunities across the nation that address these challenging cases and offer strategies and techniques that can be applied immediately by detectives and prosecutors. Their presentations skills, plus the informative workshop formats that Justice 3D employs adds to the overall learning environment and are unique to their extensive backgrounds and success in the field.  They present based on real life experiences and up to date current approaches in the field of sexual assault, domestic violence and gender-biased crime. As a public safety official for 38 years, I would say these are the areas that still need our focus and attention as law enforcement and prosecutors continue to address our own cultural bias as well as that of society in general.  Justice 3D’s approach to the topic of non-stranger sexual assault cases is a great example of how to address this.  I highly recommend trainings offered by Justice 3D.   

    Jerald Monahan, Chief of Police for Yavapai College, Prescott Arizona
    Past Chairperson of the Arizona Governor’s Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women
    Current President of the Board of Directors, End Violence Against Women International


    Jerald Monahan
  • These 2 speakers were great together and presented in a dynamic, attention keeping manner.
  • Excellent speaker and material covered very well. I work with uncooperative victims so very relevant. Enjoyed this session.

  • As always, Nancy Oglesby did a great job teaching.  I find her teaching style to be very easy to follow and she has so much experience in the sexual assault field that she always has a great deal of knowledge to pass along.

  • As someone who has been in full time legal practice with a prosecutor’s office for less than a year, I found this track tremendously valuable. Special props to Nancy Oglesby, her domestic violence workshop was superb.

  • I will be making changes in policies and our procedures after this course. We were provided with great resources (such as Themes from Mike Milnor, etc.)

  • Fantastic course! All the presenters were clear, knowledgeable and well spoken.

  • Mike Milnor gave a great perspective from career law enforcement.

  • I will take what I have learned back and share it to improve victim services and investigations in my agency.

  • The fact that the program is victim centered was especially helpful. It helps those of us who have lost a little focus to get re-centered and re-energized.

  • This is a very informative program. I have always been intimidated by sexual assault cases, and in the past have looked for ways to avoid prosecuting them, even thought I didn’t realize that was what I was doing at the time. I now feel much better prepared to aggressively prosecute these cases and am so glad to know the proper responses to all defenses that come up in these cases.

  • I am energized as a result of the training and the information I have received and feel that I will be more effective in my job.

  • This is an OUTSTANDING training on an extremely difficult topic. The instructors were exceptional and provided an outstanding learning experience.

  • I feel more prepared to investigate sexual assault cases now, especially when dealing with victims. This training should be required for all law enforcement.

  • Roger is truly a dynamic and informative trainer. His passion is evident.

  • One of the best trainings I have attended during three decades of law enforcement work.