Non-stranger sexual assault cases are some of the most difficult cases to prosecute. Learn how to successfully combat the all too common “consent” defense with valuable trial strategies.

Unfortunately, in non-stranger sexual assault cases, societal views automatically help the defendant’s case. There are a multitude of myths and biases related to rape cases that prosecutors will need to overcome in order to successfully convict sexual assault criminals.  Learn about the effective trial strategies to implement in your cases.

When a defendant raises consent as a defense, too often the jury will put the victim on trial.

At Trauma to Trial, prosecutors will learn how to:

● Recognize the myths and biases that influence our judges and juries

● Develop effective voir dire questions to address the problem areas in your case

● Use a trauma-informed approach to craft a powerful direct examination of your victim

● Present non-traditional corroborating evidence to surround your victim with layers of credibility

● Use experts: Know how and when to use forensic nurses, toxicologists, and trauma-informed therapists.

● Deliver a powerful and effective closing Register Today

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