Justice3D is committed to changing the landscape where the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault and other crimes are concerned.

We see and are responding to the need for change based on decades of scientific and psychological advancement in the field.

Trauma-informed interviewing of sexual assault victims has been the norm for effective and compassionate investigators for years, and Justice3D is prominent among training organizations helping to ensure these fairer, more effective measures become commonplace in American law enforcement and prosecution. 

In the area of interrogation, Justice3D draws from decades of successful experience to offer Empathy-Based Interrogation (EBI), a proven method of interaction with suspects. This kind of interrogation, based on rapport building and human connection, produces far more accurate and complete information while preserving the legal integrity of the interview and the rights of the person under questioning. 

Justice3D is committed to research-based, victim-centered and trauma-informed approaches to sexual assault cases and criminal justice in general. We stay on the cutting edge for the most important reasons imaginable: The causes of justice, healing, and a better, fairer society for everyone.