Justice 3D is dedicated to providing advanced-level training and consulting for allied professionals who investigate and respond to violent crimes.

Experience matters. Our team, having worked within the criminal justice system, bring years of front-line experience and we are committed to equipping law enforcement, prosecutors and others who combat violent crimes with the advanced skills they need.

Justice 3D stands for the importance of integrating the three dimensions of investigation, prosecution and advocacy.  We stress the importance of taking a multidisciplinary team-based approach knowing that working together provides the best response for the victim, the most efficient use of resources, and the highest success rate in court.  Ultimately our goal is to promote justice, empower victims and hold offenders accountable.

Justice 3D Company History

Nancy Oglesby (career prosecutor) and Mike Milnor (retired Chief of Police) first collaborated in 2008 when they were asked by the Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Services Council to serve as faculty for a week-long sexual assault training program for investigators and prosecutors. Out of Nancy and Mike’s shared passion to improve the criminal justice system, Justice 3D was formed in 2016.  Since then, Nancy, Mike and the Justice 3D team have trained thousands of professionals nationwide.

Justice 3D is now a collaboration of career law enforcement officers, prosecutors, advocates and medical professionals that provide consulting and training opportunities for others in the areas of law about which they are most passionate.

Justice 3D has worked with the following agencies: