Justice3D creates customized training for your agency’s specific needs. Below are some of the topics available:


Domestic Violence

Evidence-Based Prosecution: Prosecuting the Case Without a Victim
Why Do They Recant?:  Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence
Officer Safety on Domestic Violence Calls
There is More to the Story: Thoroughly Investigating Domestic Violence Cases
At Death’s Door: Investigating and Documenting Strangulation
The Children Aren’t Asleep: Recognizing the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
Investigating Stalking 
I’m the Victim!: Assessing Claims of Self-Defense 
A Prosecutor’s Hail Mary: Using Forfeiture by Wrongdoing in Domestic Violence Cases
Lethality Assessments and their Practical Applications
The Importance of Voir Dire in Domestic Violence Trials

Sexual Assault

Effects of Trauma: Delayed Reporting and Contradictory Statements
Trauma-Informed Victim Interviews: Not Just The Facts
Rape Culture: Confronting the Realities
Understanding Forensic Exams: What They Can and Cannot Tell Us
Cross Examining the Defense’s Medical Expert
Sexual Assault Response Teams: What They Are and Why We Need Them
Working with Marginalized Victims of Sexual Assault
Campus Sexual Assaults: The Unique Challenges Presented
Investigating and Prosecuting Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assaults
Clery Act, Title IX and FERPA: What Do They Mean to Me?
Corroborating the Non-Stranger Sexual Assault Case
Suspect Interrogations
Defeating the Consent Defense in Court: From Voir Dire to Closing

Child Abuse

The Crucial Need for a Multi-Disciplinary Response
Forensic Interviewing: Avoiding Suggestible Interviews
Documenting Injuries in Children Effectively
Beyond the Forensic Interview: Corroborating the Child Abuse Case
Discipline v. Abuse: Where is the Line?
Abusive Head Trauma
Debunking the Defense Medical Expert in Child Abuse Cases
Voir Dire in Child Abuse Cases
Investigating the Child Homicide: Timing is Everything
Preparing a Child for Court
Investigating and Prosecuting a case with Multiple Victims
When the Perpetrator is Loved by Everyone:  Dealing with Coaches, Preachers and other  Role Models
Investigating the Female Offender
Predators in Cyberspace

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