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Justice 3D provides cutting-edge training to law enforcement, prosecutors and other allied professionals to equip them with advanced skills to combat violent crimes and work with victims of trauma.  We stress the importance of taking a multidisciplinary approach, knowing that working together provides the best response for the victim, the most efficient use of resources and the highest success rate in court.

Our team can provide motivating keynote presentations, conference workshop segments and customized 1, 2 or 3-day trainings specifically tailored to your agency.  

Training & Workshop Areas

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  • Child Serious Injury and Homicide  
  • The Neurobiology of Trauma and Trauma-Informed Interviewing 
  • Adult Sexual Assault 
  • Campus Sexual Assault and Title IX 
  • Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking and Homicide 
  • Elder Abuse, Exploitation and Homicide
  • Child Sexual Assault and Exploitation
  • The Multi-Disciplinary Approach and the Importance of Teamwork 
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Empathy Based Interrogation

…and more

Examples of Keynote Topics

Boxes in the Attic  

In this presentation retired Chief Mike Milnor openly shares his first hand experiences with vicarious trauma. Boxes in the Attic speaks directly to those professionals who are facing difficult, “soul wounding” situations on the front lines of our criminal justice system each day. With over 34 years of front-line experience himself, Mike brings a unique perspective as he offers insight, hope, and inspiration to those who are searching for methods with which to process their own emotions and struggles within a traditional criminal justice culture.

Why We Fight the Good Fight 

Nancy Oglesby served as a front-line sexual assault and child abuse prosecutor for 20 years before she found the courage to share publicly her personal story as a survivor of sexual assault.  Inspired by the many brave voices heard in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein case, Nancy decided it was time to set her fear aside and openly say “Me Too.”  In this presentation, she speaks to the long-time struggle survivors have faced in the criminal justice system. In so doing, Nancy shares contemplative insight into her own battles with fear and shame regarding how she might be perceived if her secret was known. With transparency and sincerity, she offers encouragement and inspiration to professionals who daily fight the good fight against all forms of injustice.

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