EBI is an interrogation philosophy that results in a non-confrontational, conversational interview that will keep your suspects talking longer.


Suspects often want to sell you a story – especially in sexual assault, child homicide and child abuse investigations.  Traditional interrogation methods teach investigators to dominate the interview with interruptions and confrontation often with the sole focus being to elicit a confession. This often shuts a suspect down and the opportunity for leads and information is lost.  EBI teaches an interview method that lets the suspect tell their story in a free-flowing, conversational manner, thereby developing leads and information, in addition to confessions.

Corroboration of a crime is key to success, even when there is a confession.  Giving the prosecutor the strongest case possible increases the likelihood of success in the courtroom. EBI instructs interviewers how to develop corroboration strategies that will increase information, not only for investigative leads, but also to lay a solid foundation for a prosecutor to develop a strong cross-examination of the suspect at trial.



  • To build and keep rapport by practicing non- judgmental empathy with the suspect throughout the interview process.
  • To utilize a funnel approach, increasing open-ended questions that encourage free-flowing narratives as answers.
  • To prioritize the corroboration of your victims’ statements before moving into more traditional theme-based interrogation techniques.
  • To catch your suspect off guard by asking questions that “flip the perspective”.
  • To increase the likelihood in court that the interview can be defended as non-coercive and voluntarily given.
  • And more…

2021 EBI Courses


Date: March 24-26, 2021
Location: Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Academy
This training is open to Virginia Law Enforcement and registration is being run by the Department of Criminal Justice Services
Advanced EBI
Date: June 3-4, 2021
Location: Chesterfield, Virginia
This training is open to Virginia Law Enforcement who have completed the Basic EBI Course and registration will be run by the Department of Criminal Justice Services


Date: September 8-10, 2021
Location: Tempe Mission Palms Conference Center, Tempe, AZ






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