Case Consultation

Justice 3D offers a wide array of consulting services to allied professionals in the areas of child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and intervention.  In addition to our training, we offer the following services to professionals:

Case Review

We work with law enforcement, civil attorneys, colleges and other agencies to review active or closed cases.  Our services include expert review of evidence collection, procedures, Title IX compliance, and medical evidence.  We can conduct audits of several cases for agencies looking to revise or develop new protocols.

Policy Development and Review

Justice 3D has authored several statewide, comprehensive protocols for law enforcement.  We can assist your agency in developing specific, best practice responses to investigations. 

Expert Testimony

Justice 3D can provide expert witness services for civil litigation including the explanation of and basis for “counter-intuitive” victim behavior, and also similar topics such as delayed disclosure, unexpected emotional reactions, memory, and other challenging issues.